Your Feedback Published

ESPCF held three engagement events between February and June 2022 to bring parents and carers in East Sussex together with decision-makers and service leads from the local authority and the NHS.

On this page you can read the summary report of what parent carers said (details have been anonymised) at the events.

In each session we held breakout groups on the following areas:
  1. Additional support (SEN support) in schools and attainment gaps
  2. Education, health and care plan (EHCP) processes
  3. Social care and respite/short breaks
  4. Mental health
Each group were asked the following questions:
  • What will make the biggest difference for you and your family?
  • Barriers & challenges: what are they and how can they be overcome?
  • What has worked well for your family that can be built on and developed?
  • What else should be a priority in the next three years in terms of shaping services?

There were some common themes that came up across the different groups, such as communication, the need for clear information and support, and training needs. We have grouped the feedback in these themes, as hopefully if these aspects can be addressed it will also bring improvements more widely than just for the four areas we were discussing at these events.