Temperature check results

Each term we ask parent carers in East Sussex to let us know their overall feelings about how things are going in what we call our ‘temperature check’ poll.

We ask four questions and the results help us to track any change over time, demonstrating to the local authority, health, or other services whether the overall feeling is that things are getting better, worse, or staying the same for families with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

This isn’t intended as deep analysis but is part of our work in improving how we can best represent parent carer views and experiences in a variety of ways.

December 2022

June 2022

Total: 95 responses

May 2022

Total: 116 responses


Last year we launched our ‘temperature check’ poll asking parent carers in East Sussex to let us know how things are going. We asked:

  1. Overall, how do you feel at the moment about the support and/or services for your child/young person with SEND in East Sussex in the three main areas of education, health and social care?
  2. What one or two words would you use to sum up how you currently feel about support and/or services etc for your child/young person with SEND in East Sussex?
  3. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about at the moment?

In our December poll, we also asked the age of the child or young person to help us identify any patterns across different sectors. All the questions are optional.

We initially planned on running monthly polls – hence the results for May and June 2022 – but decided that doing it every month was probably a bit much. Instead, starting from the 22/23 academic year, we’re doing the temperature check at the end of each term.

The purpose of the polls is to try and get an idea of the general feeling from parent carers in East Sussex about education, health, and social care services for SEND families. It’s one of a number of different ways in which we gather the views and experiences of parent carers, which is part of our core remit. We share the poll results with senior leads at the local authority, including the Director of Children’s Services.