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Home to school transport: October 2023 update

ESPCF recently met with the principal transport officer at East Sussex County Council to share feedback from parent carers and discuss ways to improve the availability and accessibility of information for families.

September 2023 temperature check results

Read the latest results from our termly temperature check poll where we ask parent carers in East Sussex to tell us how things are going in terms of education, health, and social care support and provision.

Join the ESPCF steering group

Are you interested in becoming more involved in ESPCF's work? Find out about opportunities to join our steering group and help shape what we do.

PDA position statement review: update

Thank you to the parent carers who responded to our request for feedback on the PDA position statement. Read what happens next.

October 2023 update

Read our October update including the recent call for feedback on PDA, exclusions, transport, and the mental heath referral process; a reminder about Ofsted SEND inspections; plus where our NDP team have visited.

EBSA for me

During her family’s most difficult time with emotionally based school avoidance (EBSA), a parent carer in East Sussex kept notes of how she was feeling. With her and her child’s permission, we’re publishing it here in the hope that it will help others.