Consultation on East Sussex County Council draft SEND strategy


Consultation closed on 24 October 2022

East Sussex County Council has today published for public consultation a draft SEND (special educational needs & disabilities) strategy for 2022-2025

A SEND strategy should provide focus and direction to the work of the local authority and its partners, setting out priorities and how these will be achieved, over the coming years.

Parent carers in East Sussex: the strategy will be strongest if it represents a full range of parent carers views and experiences. If you can find the time during the next three weeks, please have a read, and let the local authority know how it can be improved.

What do you agree with and what would you change? What is missing? Is there enough detail on how and when things will happen? Is it clear how the different commitments will be monitored and where responsibility sits?

ESPCF’s view is that there is more work still to be done for this strategy to be a meaningful one for families in East Sussex. A good plan not only needs ideas and ambition, it must also have the detail about how, who, and when.

Whilst we’re encouraged that the local authority has listened to and taken on board some of our recommendations for this draft, there remain gaps to address, and more clarity is needed about monitoring and accountability – how will we know if the strategy is on track and what happens if it’s not?

Work will continue during the consultation period in the hope that we can strengthen these areas. We hope that what will come out of this is a document which has a clear vision, clarity of purpose, but above all can answer the question “what difference will this make for me and my family?”.

So please contribute your views if you can. It’s really important that a strong parent carer voice is heard and listened to.

The consultation closes on Monday 24 October 2022.